Sierra Noble & Band

Sierra Noble & Band am Donnerstag den 07. September 2017 um 20.15 Uhr im Apex. (Veranstaltungsreihe neues @ kulturLichter). Vorverkauf Apex, ReserviX, alle öffentlichen Vorverkaufsstellen


Sie ist eine aufstrebende Musikerin, die schon in ihren jungen Jahren mit diversen Preisen überschüttet worden ist. Geboren in Ottawa  hat sie jetzt nach Zwischenstops in New York und Nashville ihre Basis in Winnepeg,Manitoba gefunden. Hier hat sie auch ihre neue CD ‚City of Ghosts‘ aufgenommen. Ihre erste, rein instrumentale CD hat sie schon mit 14 Jahren veröffentlicht. Und mit 12 Jahren war sie  Jugendbotschatlerin Manitobas für die ‚ Ban Landmines Campaign‘ . Hier ein Zitat von ihr:  I just opened every single door that i could find. If that door said yes then i walked through it. If it said no, i looked for another door! And i just keep walking! Diese Einstellung hat es ihr ermöglicht, in Kanada Konzerte für Paul McCartney, Kid Rock oder Bon Jovi zu eröffnen.

Ihr Song ‚Possibilities‘ läuft in Kanada rauf und runter! Angefangen hat  es für Sierra mit ihrer Liebe zu ‚ Old Times Fiddle Tunes‘ . Das sie eine hervorragende Singer/ Songwriterin ist, hat sie mit ihrem neuen Album unter Beweiss gestellt. Ich würde ihre Musik unter Americana mit leichten Popeinflüssen einordnen.

Winnipeg’s own, Sierra Noble is celebrating the release of her full length album, “City of Ghosts” on September 25th at The West End Cultural Centre.
After 2 years in New York City followed by 2 years in Nashville, “home is where the heart is” has never meant more to the local singer-songwriter who has moved back to her hometown to release her latest batch of songs.
“This album consists of songs that I have written over the past 8 years, some dating back to 2008 all the way through to 2016…it is a musical scrapbook, if you will, of my life since I released the Possibilities EP.”
Sierra Noble has been a well known part of the Canadian music scene since a very young age, beginning her touring career when she was only 14 years old as a solo Old-Time fiddle player.  Her evolution as an artist brought her to trying her hand at singing and songwriting debuted by a song called “Possibility” which went on to be featured on television shows such as “One Tree Hill” and “Switched at Birth.”  She credits that song to be what opened the door to her opening for international legends Bon Jovi, and Paul McCartney.

The newest release was produced in her hometown by Murray Pulver (Doc Walker, Bare Naked Ladies) and features the same musicians Noble has performed live with for years including Ariel Posen on guitar, Paul Yee on bass, and Daniel Roy on drums as well as special guests, Joey Landreth (The Bros. Landreth) and Alexa Dirks (Chic Gamine, Begonia).
“This album started with a text to my friend Murray saying ‘Hey, do you want to produce my record?’  Though I have nothing against either, there was no label or management involvement in the making of this album, I did it all myself, though certainly not without immense help from a lot of people.  It was funded by an amazing fan response to a Kickstarter campaign, and a recording grant from Manitoba Film and Music.”
Noble notes that it was important to her that this album was done in Winnipeg, surrounded by people who have been an active part of her evolution as an artist.  „Winnipeg has a special musical sound and a wealth of talent, and it is important to me to share that with the world at large.”

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